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The study, who surveyed 2,433 women from the United States and Hungary, found that porn has a positive effect on female sexuality. PsyPost reports on the results of scientific work, according to the results of which the benefits of porn for the female body were established. Best girls for you/

In the course of the study, it turned out that pornography during masturbation is most often viewed by women in the premenopausal age, women experiencing constant feelings of anxiety or depression, as well as non-heterosexual women who have two or more partners.

Scientists have noticed that watching porn while masturbating makes it easier to achieve arousal and orgasm, and also increases its duration and quality. At the same time, women who watch adult videos and during sex with a partner experience less problems with arousal. They also admit that their orgasms last longer. At the same time, the researchers noted that porn viewing does not affect women’s satisfaction with sex in any way, but they drew attention to the fact that being addicted to adult videos does not have negative consequences for relationships.

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