How to impress a girl

Moving from online communication to a face-to-face meeting: what secrets can body language reveal and how to avoid misunderstandings on the first date. The following are useful tips from the psychology of communication.

Body language on a first date: what to look out for
Posture, facial expressions and gestures determine how other people perceive us. It is scientifically proven that healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many areas of life. Confident, rather than arrogant or indecisive individuals, come across as attractive, successful, and likeable people. Therefore, at the first meeting with a stranger, in no case should one give the impression of shyness or arrogance. Try impress your love.

Think of a situation when you had to deal with a very insecure and indecisive person. While the shyness and shyness of children can sometimes be tender, quiet and indecisive adults often come across as insecure or even incompetent. Shyness can also be perceived as lack of interest. All this I would like to avoid on the first date.

Shackling shyness is one extreme that should be avoided. The other extreme is arrogance. Many people hide fear or insecurity behind arrogance. But from the outside it is difficult to understand what is really going on inside us.

Pay attention to body language. You may unknowingly give the impression of being arrogant, for example, through a raised or outstretched chin, or looking too closely. Try to avoid this. And, of course, smile! After all, a smile is always perceived positively by other people.

Research in the psychology of communication suggests that a gentle nod of your head and a discreet, welcoming hand gesture make a positive impression and draw the other person’s attention to you.

Psychologists advise in this case to easily touch the elbow or shoulder of the interlocutor with your hand and greet him by name. Such touching is not intrusive and at the same time helps to make contact with the person and build relationships.

If you sit down at a table, it is better to sit opposite each other than next to each other, so that the girl feels that she has the necessary personal space. If you sit too close, she will feel uncomfortable.

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